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Project Description

Svg2Xaml is a stand-alone library without using third-party libraries like SvgReader, XamlTune or SVG#. Its main purpose is to load SVG files at runtime, the converted WPF object can be saved using XamlWriter to create XAML files though.

The screenshots show some icons from the Oxygen Icon Theme (; these icons are currently only available via SVN: svn://


Svg2Xaml provides the static class SvgReader which is similar to XamlReader; SvgReader provides some static Load overloads loading an SVG file either from a Stream or from an XamlReader and returning a DrawingImage with the content of the rendered SVG document:

using(FileStream stream = new FileStream(FileName, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))
  DrawingImage image = SvgReader.Load(stream);

  // SvgReaderOptions options = new SvgReaderOptions(...);
  // DrawingImage image = SvgReader.Load(stream, options);

Further more you may use the SvgImage markup extension:

<!-- xmlns:svg2xaml="clr-namespace:Svg2Xaml;assembly=Svg2Xaml" -->
<Image Source="{svg2xaml:SvgImage test.svg}"/>


I have added a small utility to browse for SVG files. SVG files causing errors, are displayed as red squares. Double clicking a thumbnail will open a preview window where you can see the SVG image, its source and the serialized XAML.

(FilterEffects within the SVG files are ignored within the browser)

Any help is appreciated!

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